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The Hybrid Working Paradox

13 October 2021

Microsoft’s research shows employees want more in-person time with their team but also want to keep the flexibility of remote work. This report has shown that, ultimately, every person is different.

The X Factor: User, Employee and Customer Experience explained

12 October 2021

To make money and stay relevant, organisations have always had to understand how to satisfy external customer needs, build loyalty, and keep their workforces motivated. Now that both customers and employees have moved online, these processes have in turn become digital.

Umbraco: Welcome to the Back-end

12 October 2021

Ever wondered why Umbraco is loved by businesses and editors alike? Find out our take on the friendly CMS, and some top tips for easy editing!

Windows 365: The New Cloud PC

29 September 2021

In Microsoft’s 2021 Inspire event, the tech giant unveiled Windows 365, a new OS experience hosted on the Azure cloud. Microsoft attest Windows 365 defines a new category of computing, ‘Cloud PC’.

Insights from the Mobile UX London Conference 2021: Employee Experience

28 September 2021

As companies invest in Digital Workplaces and Intranets, Employee experience (EX) is a term that is quickly creeping into the digital sphere. Intranets are no new phenomenon (having been around for over 20 years), but in more recent years they have been instrumental in enabling new ways of working.

The Importance of Personalisation for Your Website

01 September 2021

Sitecore has an abundance of high quality features for it's users to take advantage of. Some of these include customisation tools, using AI technology to ensure your customers feel heard, seen, and cared for.