Digital Workplace Migration

What we do:

We can help you migrate to SharePoint quickly and without any fuss.  If a migration tool is required for a SharePoint project, we have experience with both Metalogix and ShareGate. We also have extensive experience in managing data migration, especially in the case of SharePoint to SharePoint migration with flagship projects such as the BBC Gateway Intranet. 

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Why it’s important: 

Most businesses fear the process of migrating to a new platform. Not only does it take time, but it can be very risky and costly.  During the migration process, it is vital that there is as little negative impact on existing systems and users as possible. Planning is therefore crucial to a successful migration. ClerksWell works with you to understand your business requirements and which platform you are using, to deliver a successful digital workplace migration without disruption to your business or users. 

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ClerksWell offer 4 key stages of Microsoft 365 migration:

Understand your existing systems and future requirements

Design and build of a new system that meets these requirements

The migration of existing content to your new system

Help with your change management plan as users move from the old system to the new system

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