Digital Strategy

What is a Digital Strategy?

A Digital Strategy is at the heart of how your organisation interacts with its staff, clients and customers. It should can reach across multiple dimensions and channels and speak specifically to your overall objectives and culture. The first step in any digital strategy is to understand how the strategy will fit into, and support, broader organisational objectives.

Is there an overall drive to utilise a new technology in order to benefit the business? 

Is your company, business model, or mission statement modernising?

Is there a new organisational acquisition that must be assimilated? 

Are there broader changes in the industry that must be understood and reflected?

Building a Digital Strategy with ClerksWell:

Our incredible team will work with yours to build a path to success.


Technology & Platforms

Our team will assess which new or different technologies are involved, and how these fit into your organisational IT policies. We will consider security requirements and standards, and how these policies are integrated into the strategy and each solution. Finally, we look at all the technology in the round ensuring the impact on existing systems and the inclusion of off-the-shelf products is evaluated.

Website & Functionality

We want to understand your website capabilities. Our team can help you to define your company research, get in-touch with your existing customers, and discover/review your personas. These insights will help to establish your 'must-haves', which can then be placed into the redesign, helping your business to achieve its objectives.

Change Management

How will the digital strategy (and it’s implementation) be communicated internally and externally?

Our team can help you understand which process changes are needed. We can deliver further training whether necessary, and assist you with internal support and maintenance processes.


Formulating a full but concise plan is no mean feat. We can advise you on what exactly needs to be done, the broader activities that are involved, and everything in between. Our team understands potential mitigations involved in  a new strategy, and can therefore help you to prioritise and minimise these risks. Timescales, additional skills, personnel and dependencies - we are here to help. 

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