Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform

ClerksWell have been Microsoft Gold Partners for over two decades and are experts developing and using Microsoft technologies. Microsoft’s Power Platform is a suite of advanced business applications that extend the functionality of your Modern Workplace environment. ClerksWell offer Power Platform consultation, build, and support services to help your business realise its ambitions and optimise its performance. Get in touch today and see how the Microsoft Power Platform can help your business develop a responsive, intelligent Modern Workplace designed to your specifications and changing needs.

What is Microsoft's Power Platform?

Mobile apps are incredibly useful for organisations. They are easy for a workforce to install on their devices and – if well designed - intuitive for the end user. However, custom app development is expensive and typically the reserve of incredibly large enterprises. Microsoft’s Power Apps seeks to democratise app development by making the process of building easier and cheaper. To truly leverage the extensive capabilities of Power Apps, your business will require some specialist expertise. 

Repetitive and complex tasks are both time consuming and expensive for your business. Misplaced labour or time spent away from the objectives that you and your business care about is frustrating. Power Automate can create complex workflows that automate tasks a business would otherwise have to assign to a person or a specific job role. Pulling from a rich source of over 400 connectors, Power Automate can integrate itself with a plethora of business tools and applications.

Gain immediate and insightful impressions from your data with Power BI. Power BI is a data visualisation tool that can pull from an array of sources you may use to store company data. Analytics and visualisations can be surfaced in suitable environments to provide meaningful insights into productivity, sales, and many other metrics. Some 10 petabytes of data are uploaded to Microsoft’s servers every month!

Employees returning to work, onboarding new starters, answering customer queries; these tasks can be time consuming and resource intensive, especially if handled in high volumes. Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agents allows your business to create and deploy intelligent chat bots rapidly and powered with advanced AI capabilities. Simple to deploy, Power Virtual Agents can be integrated directly into Microsoft Teams or into websites, easing pressure on call centres, live chat agents, or your HR department.


Our Power Platform Services:


Our consultation services aim to architect the perfect Power Platform solution for your business. ClerksWell will work to understand what relevant features can be exploited and what best practices should be implemented to create the most fitting solutions for your business problems. Our expertise ensures you get the best ROI from your Power Platform investment.


Let the Microsoft experts build your Power Platform solution. From custom apps to BI dashboards, employee chatbots to extensive workflows, we will get to know your business processes and help you pull together a tailored Modern Workplace. Speed up the development process and dig into the Microsoft Power Platform suite deeper with ClerksWell.


Receive continuous support on anything we build you in Power Platform. Stay up to date with Microsoft’s constantly evolving Power Platform suite and learn how to make the most of new features and updates within your build. With our support your organisation can utilise Power Platform to find solutions to your specific business problems.


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Microsoft’s Power Platform encompasses a suite of Microsoft tools: PowerApps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents. If you’re a Microsoft user, you have the ability to access these apps with a few simple clicks.

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