Website Health Check & Audit

Sitecore and Umbraco Website Health Checks

As Sitecore Silver partners and Umbraco gold partners, we are experts when it comes to implementing the best of breed websites. As industry leaders we will perform a meticulous audit of your website, to identify any issues and ensure your site can perform to its optimum level.

It's far too easy to neglect your website.

However, in a digital-first world, your website needs to be reliable, functional, and up to date. If it isn't, your lead generation, customer experience, and brand awareness could be negatively affected. Periodic health checks are therefore vital to ensure that your site is stable and performing to its best level.

CMS platforms Sitecore and Umbraco continue to improve their digital marketing offering and UX capabilities with every update. However, to make the most out of these platforms and their various new features, you need an experienced digital partner to make sure that your website is optimised for these updates.

That’s where we can help.


Here at ClerksWell, we have a history of tackling complex issues to help businesses deliver exceptional solutions. And a Sitecore or Umbraco Health Check, is the perfect starting point to ensure that you’re making the most of your platform’s full potential.  Once we have had a thorough run-through of your site, we produce a complete report of the findings and actions we recommend. This is supplemented by a face-to-face, video or telephone call to discuss them in detail.

Common reasons for a health check:


Malfunctioning or unavailable CMS


Missing digital marketing feature

Poor Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

To decide where to invest in your future website

Expensive infrastructure

Non-optimised infrastructure

Slow loading times

Security vulnerabilities

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What is a Website Technical Health Check?

Health checks are key to identifying issues, and implementing positive changes to improve your website.


Does your Sitecore platform need a health check?

Does your website keep crashing? Are some pages slow to load? If these problems sound familiar, drop us a line.

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