User Experience (UX) & Information Architecture (IA)

Increase website engagement rates with an expertly designed user experience

As well as offering high quality content and looking fabulous, any successful website must be easy, intuitive and enjoyable to use by anyone. This is where User Experience and Information Architecture come in, which is why we wrote a short post explaining exactly what they are and why they’re so important.

Given User Experience is key to any project success it’s one of our core services at ClerksWell. We help make the complex simple and we have been successful in delivering many intuitive streamlined User Experiences to our clients. 

Here at ClerksWell, we put our clients and their customers at the heart of our work, creating truly user-centric experiences. The digital solutions we create are based on consumer needs as well our client’s business goals, helping to increase sales, on-site engagement, and business performance.

When building websites, we work with our clients from the inception. We will work closely with you to review your current website and understand your business needs and ambitions, and the needs of your users. Through a series of workshops and interactive prototypes we will determine how a new or enhanced website can realise your requirements in a way that is simple, engaging and even fun.

Our overall aim is to build websites that encourage customers to engage, return and build a loyal relationship with our clients.


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