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Support & Enhancement

ClerksWell provides ongoing support to constantly review and enhance your digital solutions.

A great digital experience doesn’t end with launch day. We can support your solution and your team in the long term, helping you adapt and evolve with your business and technology changes. We also provide deep dive analysis by providing an annual review on user behaviour, site user experience which we compare against your closest competitor. From day-to-day support to periodical enhancements we will stay by your side on your digital journey.

We offer a range of support packages so that you always have constant and secure access to our experts.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

An SLA gives you guaranteed response and investigation time on any issues you might face with your website. So, whether it’s a bug, a hosting problem or a question about your CMS, your SLA will have you covered. Our support team works across all our SLAs so that we can ensure the highest standard of service to our clients. At the end of every month, we will send you a report with SLA activity, including a summary of analytics and how these are performing against agreed KPIs.  



With a retainer, ClerksWell dedicates a certain number of days to your website every month. A retainer can encompass anything from a site upgrade to added functionality on your website. The advantages of a retainer are:   

  • A dedicated team. With a retainer, you will benefit from a guaranteed team, ensuring continuity of service and responsiveness. Where appropriate, a retainer facilitates our teams working onsite alongside your business.  
  • Reduction in lead time and start-up costs. Under a retainer, ClerksWell works with our clients to add to a backlog of optimisations and these ideas are discussed with and prioritised by the client regularly. A retainer will enable us to work through a roadmap which supports your business objectives without requiring us to schedule resources for each isolated project. 

Strategy and Report 

Developing a business enhancement strategy is vital to ensure that customers connect with your brand's vision and values. Once we have produced your beautifully curated website, our work still isn’t over. Our team of digital experts will work with you to identify enhancement opportunities to improve your business’ performance. It’s vital that a website changes with the business opportunities, challenges and external forces it faces in order to improve UX and drive leads and conversions. 

We work closely with our clients to design a  technical roadmap so that their website performs at its full potential. We carry out detailed audits on the following areas:

  • User Updates
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • User Experience review
  • Accessibility review

We will produce a report of the findings which identifies key enhancement opportunities for design, UX and digital strategy that meet your business’ future objectives. We take an active role in this process, regularly monitoring your website performance, analysing data, and re-optimising accordingly. 


Being able to comprehend large quantities of data is crucial to any business’s success. 

Here at ClerksWell, we are led by analytics to determine how well our clients’ sites are performing and how we can help them develop. We use the best-of-breed Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and tools like Hotjar to monitor traffic, referrals, and user data on our client’s websites. We carefully examine this data to reveal any patterns and draw actionable insights, which are then used to improve our client’s websites. 

Our digital analytics review may include (but is not limited to): 

  • Personalised dashboard: Based on key performance indicators, we create a personalised Google Analytics dashboard for our clients based on the agreed measurables alongside standard best-practice metrics. This allows us to identify risks as well as any new opportunities for growth and improvement, which are all linked back to their goals and objectives. 
  • Audience analytics: we identify the main sectors and demographics visiting our clients’ websites, and analyse their behaviour, which can be used to increase engagement and conversion rates. 
  • Channel performance analysis: We identify which channels are most effective at driving traffic to our clients’ websites and which aren’t performing well. From this data, they can address key challenges and utilise their most successful channels. 
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Web Accessibility

As part of our enhancement services, we extend our expertise in making your website accessible to WCAG AA 2.1. As digital experts we offer help to both public and private companies wishing to make their websites compliant and accessible to all of their customers; no matter their disability.  

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