Microsoft Azure

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What is Azure?

Azure is a set of cloud-based solutions, services and applications that are designed to help your company grow. Using a range of tools and frameworks, Microsoft Azure allows you to host, build, manage, optimise and deploy applications in the cloud. This platform is designed to provide flexibility in technical and cost design, scalability for varying workloads and functionality designed to support digital transformation. 

What will we do?

Clerkswell’s managed Microsoft Azure hosting solutions gives our clients access to a constantly expanding set of cloud services to help them overcome their business challenges. We understand that every client has different needs and requirements, so with Clerkswell you will receive a bespoke solution that is tailored to your needs. Azure is both a powerful and flexible platform which means that there are a huge range of options available. 

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Why ClerksWell?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our team of Azure specialists can help to build and manage your Azure platform. We also provide custom development services built on Microsoft Azure Technologies, including web applications, SQL applications and cognitive services. Our technical experts will ensure that your migration to Azure is efficient and stress free. 

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