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How can ClerksWell help?

 The ClerksWell team can design and implement the ideal system for your company using SharePoint's strong document management capabilitities. We will ensure your documents and document creation processes are secure and reflect your business. Most of all we will ensure documents are easily findable with a well considered approach to navigation, search and metadata.


This will take into account: 

How the organisation currently works and wishes to work in the future 

The nature of your content in order to evolve a simple but effective taxonomoy and navigation

The authoring and publishing processes including security & access considerations

The design of a new system and migration of documents into it

Why a Document Management System is so important:

A well-conceived document management system allows your colleagues to automatically organise, secure, digitise and classify your organisations documents, making them easy to find, access, edit and share. This saves organisations time and money while also providing a layer of security and access control.  


The key features and offerings of a document management system service are as follows:

A review of your existing systems

Recommendations for iterative improvements to existing systems 

Gathering requirements from scratch for a new document management system 

Design and build of a new document management system 

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Why You Should use Microsoft 365 as Your Document Management System in the Construction Industry

ClerksWell have worked extensively to simplify and improve the document management (AKA knowledge management) and collaboration processes in the construction industry using SharePoint and newer Microsoft 365 tools such as Teams, Power BI and Power Automate.

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