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Microsoft 365 is a powerful SaaS platform. Comprised of Office 365, Windows 10 and 11, and Microsoft’s Enterprise + Mobility Suite, Microsoft 365 offers an extensive collection of apps and services that enhance the productivity, communication, and security of your business. However, as evergreen software, Microsoft 365 is subject to iterative and constant updates as well as the introduction of new software. These updates ensure that your Microsoft 365 tenancy is secure from threats and that your business has access to best-in-class software. 

While Microsoft 365’s extensive collection of apps and services offer businesses a competitive edge, and updates ensure your business is secure and ahead of the curve, these features do introduce risk. The broad range of apps and services can be complicated and confusing to navigate for employees, especially those used to perpetual software and packages they can get accustomed to over years. Updates introducing new features and packages can be forgotten and left unused. 

ClerksWell offer support and optimisation services to mitigate these issues. 



ClerksWell offer a 24/7/365 support desk service. Take the pressure off your IT team and offload support queries to a Microsoft Gold Partner. ClerksWell have Microsoft technology experts in house and on hand to address any issues your employees may experience with Microsoft 365. 



Improve your ROI and optimise your Microsoft experience with ClerksWell’s Microsoft roadmap retainer. ClerksWell’s Microsoft experts will work closely with your business and arrange quarterly consultation sessions. In these sessions, we will cover the new features available in your Microsoft 365 tenancy and how your business can benefit from them. Fully leverage the evolving Microsoft stack. 

Alongside out roadmap retainer, ClerksWell’s adoption and change management service is designed to increase efficiency and understanding of Microsoft technologies. Through workshops, our consultants will understand your business processes and develop a tailored plan. From here, ClerksWell’s consultants hold workshops to work with your employees on how to best use Microsoft services appropriate and relevant to them. 

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