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Sitecore vs Kentico

08 April 2020

In this blog, we aim to help make that decision of choosing between CMS platforms feel slightly less daunting. By comparing Sitecore and Kentico’s pros and cons, we can help you make the right decision for your company.

Working From Home with children

01 April 2020

Pratish one of our Project Managers talks us through the disruptions and interruptions he faces and how he copes with working from home with three children

My first month at ClerksWell

30 March 2020

Our new Marketing Assistant Iasmine has just started at Clerkswell. Check out her thoughts and first impressions after her first month

Remote Working during the Covid-19 Outbreak

18 March 2020

Covid-19 could cause a permanent shift towards home working. It’s time to seriously consider making the changes required to allow your employees to successfully work from home, like employing tools such as Microsoft Teams.

The misconceptions surrounding Quality Assurance

27 February 2020

Julian, one of our Project and Quality Assurance Managers runs through the common misconceptions surrounding Quality Assurance and answers how to deliver the best solutions possible.