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We adopt web development best practices to build innovative user experiences and design creativity

ClerksWell are an award-winning website development agency with over 20 years of experience building engaging, reliable and user-friendly websites that fulfil and exceed our clients digital needs. Furthermore, we are accomplished at developing complex corporate websites with deep business integrations that are also responsive and take a mobile-first approach. We also use state-of-the-art modern web frameworks such as React, Vue.js and Angular to make sure our websites perform to the optimal level.


Our process at a glance 

By engaging key stakeholders and undertaking research we aim to gain an understanding of our client's business, target audiences and the scope of their requirements. This allows us to establish prioritised requirements and a shared understanding of what the new website must achieve to inform the design stage.

Our UX consultants translate the requirements into a unique Wireframe Prototype that clearly establishes the Information Architecture, content types and overall User Experience with all unique interactions modelled. This is user tested with representatives from your target audiences before our designers create a visual design that matches your brand and projects the desired impression your organisation.

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Our talented development team develops, demonstrates and tests each feature to enable ongoing feedback and allow the requirements to evolve organically. The Quality Assurance team ensures that that the product or service delivered to the client meets their standards and reduces the risk of bugs. 

In order to guarantee the successful deployment of the solution, we test the solution with project stakeholders and real users. During User Acceptance Testing your team confirms that the agreed requirements have been met. We involve users to evaluate the real-world performance, viability, and execution of the website.

We launch the fully-functional website once our clients are happy with the result, helping them transform their digital offering.

We are committed to delivering a quality service for our clients to ensure the standard of the website is maintained. Through our support process, our talented engineers will investigate and analyse reported issues, undertake development, quality assurance and deployment to all environments of appropriate bug fixes.

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We ensure our client's website is competitive and continually targets their core users. Through regular UX reviews, we enable our client's to improve their digital strategy post-launch and make changes which maintain the strategic positioning of their website. 

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Web Accessibility 

From the very start, we make sure our websites are engaging and optimised to successfully build and maintain a loyal target audience for our clients. We ensure that your website is not only visually appealing but that it is accessible and optimised on desktop, mobile and tablet, in order to provide seamless user-experiences and reach all of your customers. To build on this our experts implement any and all SEO requirements a website may require.  

Web accessibility has become a priority for many organisations over the last few years. At ClerksWell, we have a history of delivering WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliant web applications. We often build applications for some of our clients which have strict content accessibility obligations, most often to the AA level.  

Read more about our accessibility services here.

Our Technical Expertise

As Microsoft Gold Partners and .NET experts, we have all the tools and resources available to build, design and support the best-of-breed digital solutions for our clients. Furthermore, we provide secure Azure hosting for your solutions at a reduced cost.

Our in-house team of technical experts are specialists in both Sitecore and Umbraco website development and are able to guide our clients on which platform is best for them. They will talk you through the different options, always keeping in mind your goals, resources, and budget. So, whether you’re looking to build a new website from scratch or need help with some custom development, our experts will work with you throughout this process to bring your ideas to life.

Tech Team

Our Platforms

ClerksWell are Gold Umbraco partners. Umbraco is the leading open source ASP.NET content management system. 

Umbraco is easy to use, feature rich, free, and most importantly, a flexible and intuitive platform. This makes website projects with basic content management requirements perfectly suited to Umbraco, due to the freedom and simplicity of the platform. Considering these features, we recommend Umbraco for small-medium sized businesses, who are in their growth stage and are looking for easy ways to constantly refresh their content and define their brand. 

However, if you find that Umbraco is slightly restrictive, our experienced technical team can provide custom developments to give your website that bespoke feeling your business deserves. 

ClerksWell have been Sitecore Silver Partners! Sitecore is a CMS and a DXP, meaning it has the ability to create rich and exciting customer experiences through content personalisation. This means each user has a digital site that is specifically catered to them (which can go a long way with consumer satisfaction!). Other optimisation features include A/B and multivariate testing, and audience insights. 

Sitecore is a headless CMS which means on one hand that it's slightly more complex than Umbraco to use, but on the other that your business has more options for your website, and a greater ability for scalability and omni-channel use. 

Therefore, ClerksWell recommends Sitecore for larger businesses, however our team is on-hand for training and handovers should you choose to utilise Sitecore's features as a smaller company. 

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The ClerksWell team are true subject matter experts, who clearly plan and set expectations. ClerksWell were also upfront and honest with us, candidly informing us when something would not work or could not be completed in the tight timeframe we had set. Moreover, ClerksWell were always proactive, solving issues before they became problems and making suggestions that would ease implementation / future changes.
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