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Sitecore Azure

20 May 2019

The days when businesses would buy, store and maintain their own servers and hardware to host their websites on are long gone. Now, businesses use the Cloud. And the same goes for Sitecore users.

Make the most of Planner with ClerksWell

17 May 2019

If you have access to the O365 suite of tools, you have probably come across Planner. If you haven’t had the chance to use Planner, then this guide will show you the best ways to implement it in your business.


02 May 2019

SEO and PPC are two complementary search marketing approaches that’ll (if used correctly) increase your company’s website traffic and boost conversions.

Umbraco v.8 released

02 May 2019

At long last! Umbraco have released their latest version of everyone’s favourite CMS – version 8.0.

Microsoft and Artificial Intelligence

30 April 2019

Artificial Intelligence is the age-old aspiration to create a machine with the cognitive functions of the human brain. AI has been around for decades, and you probably didn’t know this, but you’re already using it....