My first month at ClerksWell

Can you give us one interesting fact about yourself?

I am an identical twin. I usually tell people I don’t believe in creepy twin connections, but weirdly enough my twin sister and I both managed to secure jobs in the same week starting on the same day, in the same industry.


Before working at ClerksWell what’s the most interesting job you had?

Last summer I volunteered for the National Government Organisation the Centre of Education and Development in the centre of Hanoi, Vietnam. Here I worked on a range of projects, conducting research and writing reports on sustainability, teaching at a summer school and writing press releases and social media posts for the Learning Across Borders and Healthy Cities projects.


How have you found settling in?

I probably found the settling in process easier than most as I already had a friend working at the company, however, that’s not to say that everyone wasn’t super welcoming, my experience was made easy by the lovely team I was initiated into. The day I started I found everything I needed on my desk (a small but very helpful detail). I was also given a selection of croissants to hand out around the office as an ice breaker to introduce myself and find out what everyone’s roles involved. Nina the Head of Sales and Marketing sat down with me to run me through the history of ClerksWell, what they do and their current clients. I felt very included from the offset being taken to sit in on client meetings and invited to social events. The first month was all about finding my feet, gradually becoming more familiar with the work that ClerksWell does and getting to know our clients.


What does your role involve/ what have you been working on the past month?

My work as Marketing Assistant is incredibly varied which is one of the things I love about the role. It’s a challenging and varied job with different areas to cover from social media to events and plenty of ongoing projects making it very dynamic. It’s not routine work and I haven’t had two consecutive weeks where I did the same task. One day I could be putting together email marketing campaign lists and writing blogs and the next I could be looking at website designs and creating imagery for social media.


What has been the biggest challenge since starting at ClerksWell?

I can’t lie, learning to become a morning person has been a challenge. Like the stereotypical student there were very few days where I surfaced before 10am, so waking up at 7am was a shock to the system. For me, starting work meant an hour’s commute. This was a struggle at first, however, the longer I work at ClerksWell the more I adjust to the early start and enjoy the commute which takes me along the river with a view of the houses of parliament and the London eye.


What has been the best part about your role/ working at ClerksWell?

The best part about this experience so far is that it is all new territory. Every day I am learning something new, whether that be how to use a new marketing tool or simply gaining a deeper understanding of one of our clients or platforms. Although, this does come with its challenges as I have received a lot of new information, new terms and new ways of doing things, having never worked in a tech business before there was a lot of try to get my head around. The weekly ‘All Hands’ talks by other colleagues, where they teach the rest of the company about something, they are an expert in, or are working on, has really helped with my understanding of the more technical side of ClerksWell. But altogether I enjoy a challenge as this is the best way to learn.

Looking back to where I was when I first started university and comparing it to where I am now – I’m more mature and confident in myself and abilities, traits that I help to develop further whilst working at ClerksWell.



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