Supporting your new remote workforce

A question a lot of us are asking ourselves is whether the remote workforce is the ‘new normal’ as many employees have been forced out of the office and into working from home. We can sympathise when friends and colleagues say they need more guidance, information, reassurance, and support to be able to do their job well and correctly – so how can technology play a role in helping businesses provide these things?

Here for the long haul

It is widely regarded that the shift to remote working in this pandemic will cause a permanent shift towards flexible remote in the future. Therefore, it is very important that companies have the right technology infrastructure in place such as an intranet to support an effective, clear and engaging futureproof internal communications strategy.   

Your intranet will need to be a central location for staff to access the same level of employee experience that they had in the physical workplace and facilitate:

  • Communication of relevant, frequent and up to date information from management

  • Rich and instant chat and social communication

  • Virtual collaboration tools

  • Ways to get urgent news and announcements out to staff

  • Access to line managers and others in key support roles

  • Access to all of the above regardless of device.

How EasyShare can help

An EasyShare Modern intranet is well placed to rapidly enable all of the above for organisations. It has been built with remote working in mind, as well as the increasing pressure on execs to choose technology solutions that will support them in the future. Check out the EasyShare features page which explains how the EasyShare features and functionality can help leaders in IT, Internal Comms and HR create better working lives for their organisation, and also how it can address organisational and user problems that are witnessed across all departments.

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