Come to our breakfast briefing at the Gherkin!

We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be hosting a breakfast briefing at Searcy’s on the 38th floor of the Gherkin. Join us on the 27th of March at 9 AM for a morning packed with advice on how to digitally transform your business.
Event brief

Time to give your website some love? Learn how 3 companies transformed their digital marketing (without tears)

You know you need to improve your website, but in a fast-moving world, it’s hard to get in step with evolving digital trends.

In this breakfast briefing, discover how 3 well-known companies from the UK’s leading industries made the successful leap into digital transformation. 

Big names from the Pharmaceutical, Accountancy and Pension industries will give you a practical understanding of the steps you should take to enrich your website and create a fresh and flawless digital experience for your visitors.

You’ll hear about their challenges, their solutions and their biggest tips for those embarking on the road to digital transformation.

Speakers include

– Michael Theodore, Head of Digital at the Association of British Pharmaceuticals

– Adam Grainger, Chief Information Officer and Neil Robinson, Digital Marketing Executive at Baker Tilly International 

– Lisa Sevell, Head of Online Services at The Pension Regulator

– Nina Anderson, Head of Digital at ClerksWell

You will learn

– Where to start (and when to finish)

– How to evaluate the CMS platform that suits your company best

– What to consider when defining your customer experience

– How to truly rebrand your site (and not just redesign it)

– How to keep the business focus at the heart of a technology project

– Guidance to avoid project pitfalls around migration, scalability and tight timeframes

Who should attend?

Is your company website in need of some love but you’re unsure of where to start? If so, this is the ideal event for you. We’ll give you the knowledge you’ll need to kickstart your digital transformation. If you’re responsible for re-platforming your company website, we want you at this event.


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