M365 & Employee Experience Webinar Takeaways

ClerksWell hosted a webinar discussing how Microsoft 365 can be used to improve employee experience (EX). Employee experience is a term that is becoming more and more prevalent in the working world. COVID-19 has highlighted the need for a good digital EX strategy, to create a successful hybrid working environment, and make up for the loss of physical employee touchpoints. There are many benefits of a positive employee experience; being generally happy at work has been shown to increase productivity, enthusiasm, and sense of achievement within a workforce. 

Using technology for collaboration 

As part of this webinar, we give practical advice on how to use the various Microsoft 365 tools more efficiently. Tools like Teams, SharePoint, Power Platform, and Viva can all be utilised to make your employees’ lives easier, and we’ve done extensive research surrounding positive EX in a hybrid world so that you don’t have to. 

We give you a run down of the benefits to all of these Microsoft technologies and explore the possibilities of how they could benefit your employees. For example you can use Power Platform to build a custom approval workflow, or implement mandatory reading for compliance. We also give an exclusive insight into the custom SharePoint functions we’ve been working on as part of out New World of Work package. 

If this sounds like something that would benefit your business and your employees then you can watch it here: Webinar: Microsoft 365 and Employee Experience - YouTube