ClerksWell Earns Bronze-Level Partnership with Optimizely

To earn distinction, ClerksWell has satisfied training, certification and customer requirements from Optimizely

ClerksWell Earns Bronze-Level Partnership with Optimizely

ClerksWell, the award-winning digital agency that specialises in web development projects, today announced it has become a Bronze Partner of Optimizely, the leading digital experience platform (DXP) provider. 

ClerksWell joins Optimizely’s partner ecosystem as a qualified, value-add seller of the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform. Established in 1997 and based in London Bridge, ClerksWell has over two decades of experience in tackling complex digital problems and finding smart solutions.  

Optimizely’s Digital Experience Platform provides content management (CMS), content marketing (CMP), orchestration, commerce, experimentation, analytics and personalisation on one screen.  A recently commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Optimizely found that over three years, a composite organisation realised 370% return on investment (ROI), $9.84 million net present value (NPV). Optimizely also generated $1.1 million in savings due to increased developer productivity as a result of deploying the company’s DXP. To help arrive at the ROI and subsequent financial analysis, Forrester Consulting interviewed five decision-makers who are Optimizely DXP customers and designed a composite organisation based on characteristics of the interviewees’ organisations.  

Along with low total cost of ownership, Optimizely gives teams greater agility to respond to trends and market conditions as well as provides smarter customer intelligence to reach the “right” potential customers and offer more relevant content that engages and converts.  

ClerksWell's Chief Operating Officer Kateryna Ovsyannykova says, “Partnering with Optimizely will add an exciting new dimension to our tech stack and offerings. By joining forces, we can now unlock different possibilities for our clients and we can’t wait to see the positive impact on future projects." 

With a network of over 700 partner companies in 30 countries, Optimizely seeks to connect with qualified partners whose firms possess a wealth of experience, team members with a creative outlook, global reach, and a collective eye toward future opportunities to ensure mutual customers are successful in the short and long term.  

“Optimizely is proud to have this relationship with a world-class partner like ClerksWell. Together we are delivering exceptional projects to customers on a first-class platform that optimises the end-to-end digital experience,” said Jessica Dannemann, Chief Worldwide Partner Ecosystem for Optimizely. “ClerksWell has risen to the occasion to earn Bronze status and identify as a partner experienced in leveraging the Optimizely product portfolio to help growing companies unleash their digital potential."