ClearBox report reviews EasyShare as an intranet leader

Once again, our intranet product EasyShare has emerged as one of the top dogs in the ClearBox report. Meaning that for more than 3 years we have continued to be leaders in the ever-growing, ever-changing intranet world.

The ClearBox report is produced by ClearBox Consulting which is an independent consultancy specialising in intranets and the wider digital workplace. Clearbox produces an annual independent and honest report reviewing SharePoint online and how add-on products can improve the platform. The majority of the report analyses 30 intranet add-on products for SharePoint (our personal favourite being EasyShare).

The 30 intranet products for SharePoint are reviewed in detail, nearly 600 pages of detail! So, if you want a detailed and thorough review that will help you shop for the best intranet product to fit your company’s requirements, then this is the place to go.

In ClearBox’s own words they praised EasyShare for offering
branding and design flexibility not currently found in modern communication sites” and “a powerful administration centre that makes configuration and control branding, navigation and site provisioning significantly easier."
As the Clearbox report confirms, with EasyShare users benefit from having more control over the design and administration of their intranet without the need for technical know-how. This allows for an easier and better experience of the classic publishing platform. We have rolled out and continue to support more than 100 intranet projects since our inception in 2012 and have been praised as helpful and responsive suppliers.

Last year at the Digital Impact Awards we were awarded ‘Best Intranet’ alongside our client Phoenix Group for the use of EasyShare. With EasyShare we transformed their intranet into a central hub for communication, sharing and collaboration within the workplace, resulting in a more engaged workforce.

If your interesting knowing more about our services please get in touch here, or purchase Clear Box’s report through this link and you can buy it for $595.00/£485.00 + VAT/ €540 in EU. ClerksWell newsletter subscribers get a 10% discount.

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