Case study

Top construction company


ClerksWell are working on a digital transformation project with the key delivery partner in a multi-billion-pound project providing a huge infrastructure upgrade to the city of London, based around the River Thames. As a key player in the infrastructure upgrade, our client works closely with several top construction companies. A project of this scale demands the best in tools and technology – with a leading-edge document management system (DMS) at the very heart of the project. 

As every single document must have a complete version history and an audit trail.  This is essential to the individual businesses and the collaboration of the team. For example, if contractors are working off the wrong document version of the building plan this can cause costly errors. By checking the document version managers can avoid problems, or even trace the root of a problem back to a certain document version and owner, in order to fix it or assign some liability. Upon completion of the project, all documentation will be stored for years to come so that there is transparency and accountability. 

The Challenge 

Our client’s document management system is based on Microsoft 365, using mostly SharePoint technology alongside Flow, for you guessed it - their workflows! When staff run into difficulties, they have a Help Desk (known as 1st level support) and anything unresolved by their 1st level SharePoint support team is passed into their 2nd level SharePoint support team. Their 2nd level support is only a small team of two members, who don’t have deep SharePoint expertise and are often too busy to tackle support tickets. Which is where we come in! 

The Solution 

For our client we provide 3 key services: 

  • We pick up excess tickets from the 2nd level support team when they are overwhelmed. Our support team are fully integrated into their system and seamlessly assigned tickets through their ticketing portal, ZenDesk. ClerksWell have some of the best SLA times in the business, meaning tickets are always addressed and resolved fast. 


  • We also pick up tickets when the 2nd level support team are unable to fix an issue. We act as an extension of their team by not only solving the issue but also providing training for the 2nd level team to expand their skill base and head off problems of a similar nature..  


  • Lastly, we suggest improvements to their SharePoint system. Their system was built in 2014, which means it is quite outdated and there are lots of areas to improve. Thus, we hold quarterly and annual meetings with the client team during which our developers suggest ways to enhance the system or anticipate problems. 

The Result 

We successfully act as a branch of our clients internal SharePoint support team. We do this when they need more resources or where there is further SharePoint skill is required. We have been essential in helping to handle peaks and troughs of demand with both service and project requests.  

By outsourcing some of their SharePoint support to ClerksWell, our client has been able to widen the portfolio of SharePoint services and skills regularly available to them. We provide our services ‘on tap’ and respond within agreed SLA times, something our client is very happy with. 

An aim of our work with this client is to build an effective partnership approach through early engagement meetings and collaborating on specifications, we will advise on how best to deliver IT outcomes which support the business. One such outcome we have been helping our client to achieve has been to move away from custom development with the replacement of old bespoke functions with out of the box features.  

By utilising the common support platform, Service Now we are able to address issues jointly with other external suppliers eliminating management overhead and removing the risk of issues slipping into cracks. We embrace working collaboratively with other suppliers to implement a resolution quickly to allow the client to continue working effectively.