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The role of websites today compared to 20 years ago is much broader. But one role they still perform is that of your brand ambassador. For many of your customers your website is their primary (perhaps only) interaction with your organisation: your website needs to represent you and leave a positive impression with your customers. 

So how do we do that? 

Right from the start, our creative team will work with you to understand your organisation and your customers in order to establish a design brief. We will understand your brand guidelines and the kind of feel that the visual design will need to portray. Should the website be warm and fun? Authoritative and formal? Innovative? Traditional?  

From this brief our designers will explore a number of different design concepts which we will review with stakeholders to harvest feedback. The concepts will be iteratively honed and extended to all devices (mobile, tablet, widescreen) until you have a full set of page designs with a look and feel that speaks to your organisation and your brand. These and an accompanying style guide are provided to our developers, our testers and your content creators to ensure what gets built and delivered is what you needed.

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The new web design has been a huge leap forward and presents Christie's Education in a beautiful and functional way
Amy Smith
Director, Christie's Education
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