The best CMS for Content Editors ? Umbraco version 8.0 through to 8.20


Since the publication of Umbraco version 8.0 in February the platform has continued to release updates and improvements with the latest release being 8.20 in mid-October. To put it in perspective from version 8.0 to version 8.20 there have been 166 new features and 530 issues & tasks completed, everyone’s favourite open source CMS has been busy.

A lot of these fixes and features are related to making content editing easier and better on your website, ultimately making your life easier while making your work better. What’s not to love? Below we will go through the main changes for content editors.

Key fixes from version 8.1

+ Copy and paste in nested content you are now able to copy nested content items and paste them, saving you time and effort, especially if you need to add a lot of content.

+ Ignore user start nodes - when website editors only have access to certain areas of the website, say the blog, they will come across an issue when they try to link their page to another on the website that is not in the blog. With this update that was fixed, yay!

Key fixes from version 8.2

Umbraco 8.2 contains the first set of improvements for the Rich Text Editor (RTE) which is the tool you will use to add content onto your Umbraco site.

+ Drag and drop images – Now you can simply drag and drop images into the RTE, saving on those extra clicks.

+ Performance - The RTE has a faster load time, meaning you get faster access to the content you want to edit.

+ Copy and paste from word processor – the majority of content editors write and do their initial layouts in word processors e.g. MS Word (I did for this blog). Now you are able to simply copy and paste the content from the word processor straight into the RTE whilst maintaining the format.

So if you’re interested in Umbraco, ClerksWell are the right people to talk to. Contact us here and check out our recent and award-winning Umbraco web project for Baker Tilly.

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