Baker Tilly International is one of the world’s leading networks of independently owned and managed accountancy and business advisory firms and is represented by 33,600 people in 147 territories worldwide.

Baker Tilly International chose ClerksWell to kickstart their digital transformation.


The aim of the project was to bring Baker Tilly International’s website into the modern age by developing a robust, scalable and feature-rich Umbraco solution.


“The ClerksWell team are true subject matter experts, who clearly plan and set expectations. ClerksWell were also upfront and honest with us, candidly informing us when something would not work or could not be completed in the tight timeframe we had set.


"Moreover, ClerksWell were always proactive, solving issues before they became problems and making suggestions that would ease implementation / future changes.”

The Challenge

When we first met, the Baker Tilly International website was running on an old version of Umbraco. Baker Tilly International had no support in updating and patching the site, as a result it was becoming out of date and unreliable.

Furthermore, the old website was unwieldy and no longer fit for purpose. Visitors coming to the site found it to be slow, drab and hard to navigate. Editors found it difficult to publish anything and so the content became static. The IT teams found it difficult to manage. In short, Baker Tilly International needed to rejuvenate their web site and get in step with the evolving digital trends.


So, they turned to ClerksWell to support their digital transformation.

The Solution

Baker Tilly International wanted to deliver a unified brand, with each member site using the same CMS platform and following the same branding guidelines. Baker Tilly International chose ClerksWell to implement the website that would help them achieve their business goals. We recommend using Umbraco v.7 as the perfect solution, owing to its scalability and power.


But this wasn’t your average project. Baker Tilly needed a fully-functional, reliable and engaging website in just 3 months. And it wasn’t just the UK Baker Tilly International corporate site to deliver. There were another 47 member sites that had to go-live as well!

ClerksWell worked closely with Baker Tilly International throughout the entire process and delivered all the sites on-time and within budget.


“Overall, our website development with ClerksWell was one of the smoothest projects that we have run. We would recommend ClerksWell at any time and will be using them for further projects in the near future, in addition to them continuing to support our existing web solutions.”

The Project
Baker Tilly Int.

Initially, ClerksWell helped Baker Tilly International to gather requirements for their hosting solution to ensure that they got the best platform possible for their new website.  

With the platform and hosting solution decided, ClerksWell then worked alongside Baker Tilly International’s brand agency to define the Information Architecture (IA) of the new site. ClerksWell created the wireframes for the site which the branding agency was then able to use to design the site. In providing the wireframes, ClerksWell was able to determine the User Experience (UX) and accelerate the project.  

With this in place, ClerksWell’s team of developers worked energetically to ensure that the website could go-live within the tight timeframe.   

When we had finished the development of the site, ClerksWell worked with Baker Tilly International to bring all their member sites under one unified brand – the main business aim. Umbraco’s unbounded scalability enabled us to replicate the structure of the Baker Tilly International site and produce 60 more member sites. These were then edited to a certain degree to reflect the identity of each member. 

“Working with ClerksWell to not only create our own website, but over 60 additional sites for our members, was an extremely smooth process, even in spite of very tight deadlines.” 

ClerksWell are now working with Baker Tilly International to roll out more member sites and continue to support them with their digital ventures. The project was a huge success and in working with ClerksWell, Baker Tilly International were able to bring their membership sites under a unified brand.  

The Outcome 

The Baker Tilly International site reflects the identity of the business: Now, for tomorrow. 

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