Case study


Founded in 1820, Tysers is a leading independent international Lloyd’s broker trading out of London. With over 1000 employees handling in excess of £2.75bn of annual premiums, Tysers continue to deliver risk solutions and expand their growth into the global specialist insurance and reinsurance markets. Having partnered with the team before, Tysers chose ClerksWell to deliver this digital transformation project.

The Challenge

Tysers previously used a custom SharePoint list to track the lifecycle of their internal processes, extracting the data into Excel to create daily reports. The old set up was a time-consuming process where staff had to manually scroll along a list view of open tasks, looking for changes between different stages of the workflow to identify those requiring action. This was both inefficient and frustrating to use.

On top of the limitations of the process, the technology on which it was based was ageing, which meant both support and usability issues for the users and the IT team. Access was unreliable, some data did not display in the right way and staff were heavily dependent on IT support. It was also a passive system where users were required to regularly check the list to see what tasks needed to be completed. All in all, this added up to an unreliable and challenging arrangement.

The Solution

The answer was Office 365 and its modern tools. ClerksWell leveraged SharePoint Online and the Microsoft Power Platform to deliver smooth user management of lookups, active reporting and alert triggering as an improvement to the previously manual workload.

Rather than simply reproducing what was already there, ClerksWell focused on improving the process by making it more intuitive for non-technical users. Colour-coding based on specified attributes was introduced to the SharePoint lists to make the most urgent actions more visible. Custom views were also created based on different business personas to allow teams to see the information most relevant to them.

PowerBI provided the platform to surface complex SharePoint data directly in to easy-to-digest reports. In utilizing another application from the Office 365 suite Tysers also benefitted from removing the need for a dedicated SQL server.

Finally, ClerksWell used Microsoft Power Automate to add alerts to the system based on new and improved workflows. Tysers staff can now receive email alerts to flag where action is required, as well as seeing updates synchronised to their personal task lists to help track productivity.

The Result

This new, Modern process transformed their existing practice into a truly digital and efficient procedure.  The new ClerksWell solution allows Tysers to track their workflow more efficiently and optimised the usability of SharePoint. Complex procedures are now simple tasks and Tysers staff can easily create their daily reports on this data without the additional expense of a dedicated SQL server as all necessary calculations can be done within Power BI.

With the power of the Office 365 platform now being showcased, we hope this is just one of the many small but valuable changes we can help Tysers make in the future.