Mackin Construction

Family-run construction business moving to Microsoft 365

Mackin is a privately owned civil engineering company that provides a full range of groundwork services with a specialism in hard landscaping.  

As a fast-growing construction firm, they were almost reaching the size whereby an intranet was becoming something of a necessity. Mackin wanted to use an expert to deliver their branding, UX, AI and migration onto Microsoft 365.

The Challenge

Mackin had never had an intranet before and was dependent mostly upon file shares and email. They knew moving to the cloud would provide many solutions for them including cost savings, infrastructure and security, but needed guidance on which platform to choose the migration and training on. 


The Solution

ClerksWell were able to demonstrate the capabilities of Microsoft 365, determine key requirements, and the best way to deliver them using Microsoft 365’s native capabilities and then implement them. It was determined that SharePoint was capable for Mackin’s internal news updates and collaboration on internal documents. Mackin decided to migrate their document content to the cloud, which was the perfect opportunity to declutter and simplify their information architecture, where folders had been used in lieu of metadata. 

ClerksWell created a brand for Mackin and applied the customisation to SharePoint. We then designed and built the information architecture to support their Microsoft 365 project. 

Not only were we able to design, build, implement and migrate it’s on-prem documents into the cloud, we were also able to provide training to Mackin’s content creators. This was a vital role in the project as they had never used an intranet before. 


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