Case study

Advertising Standards Authority

As ASA approached their 50th anniversary they wanted to mark the occasion with a completely new brand and apply that to their websites.


The Challenge 

ASA’s online presence was split between three sites; ASA, CAP and CopyAdvice. CAP write and maintain the codes of best practice, ASA administer the codes and CopyAdvice (you guessed it!)  provide advice and training services.

The sites presented a number of usability challenges including poor navigation, unclear calls to action and ineffective sign posting. There was also little targeting of content. The business felt CAP was not prominent enough and that CopyAdvice would sit better as part of the CAP service, therefore a new information architecture and navigation was required on their Sitecore CMS.


The Solution 

We approached the redesign by adapting the new brand across three new creative concepts. After reviewing with the project team, one concept was iterated and presented to the board for signoff. This concept was then applied across all key templates.

ClerksWell revised the homepage layout to optimise the user experience and improve the display of the latest rulings. More prominence was placed to action items, proving clear signposts for site visitors.

Sitecore’s complete separation of content and presentation made the process of re-design and re-structure painless, as designers could work in parallel with content managers without impacting each other.

Following an information architecture workshop, ASA staff merged CopyAdvice and CAP using the Sitecore interface. The content was re-structured to improve navigation and search.

The Outcome 

The new brand and application on the website was incredibly well received by the community.

Improved navigation and calls to action have made content easier to find and digest, with enhanced linking of rulings and codes to put decisions into full context.

​The new information architecture enabled the site to grow and support the business through the easy to use content management tools within Sitecore.

The website was optimised for mobile devices; with Sitecore’s Multi-Device Design the downloaded data is reduced, making for a fast and simple mobile site. This has advantages over responsive design, whereby data is often downloaded but then hidden from the viewer. For more information about Sitecore get in contact here.