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Web Accessibility 

Include everyone in your website traffic, make your site accessible and WCAG compliant.

Prioritise Accessibility

Here at ClerksWell, we are digital accessibility experts. We help both public and private companies make their websites accessible to all users, which involves building and designing your content so that it can be accessed, understood and used by people with a range of abilities.

We are experts at building and designing cutting-edge, user-friendly and accessible websites for our clients and their audiences.


We have a team of specialists on hand who are well versed in WCAG 2.2, ensuring that our clients’ websites are always compliant.

As approximately 20% of the population are reported to have a disability, yet only around 10% of websites meet accessibility standards, making your website accessible should be a top priority. We can help you build an accessible website!

What we do?

Our experts will carry out a thorough review of your website and suggest reasonable changes that will make it compliant to WCAG 2.2 AA guidelines.

ClerksWell will work with your content team to identify and fix front-end content issues, such as H1 headings, Alt Text image captions, improved captions and so on.

Some issues will require development and design changes carried out in the safe hands of our accessibility specialists.

We can help to integrate third party accessibility tools into your site. One such tool is ReciteMe which provides functionalities such as language translations, screen reading and colour contrast settings.


The Challenge

Alongside the need to migrate to a new CMS, Smart Energy GB wanted to make the website WCAG compliant and enhance the website with the 3rd party accessibility and translation tool ‘Recite Me’. Their aim was to enable the campaign to reach a large number of people with visual or hearing impairments.

The Solution 

Using Umbraco, we began the development of the new website with our expert team. To achieve Smart Energy GB’s core goal of inclusivity and accessibility, the 3rd party tool, ‘Recite Me’, was integrated. This tool provides several functionalities, such as language translations, screen reading and colour contrast settings. This means that the Smart Energy GB website can be accessed by everyone, regardless of disability or impairment. Every step of our development process was also directed by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

The Challenge

A primary reason ABPI wanted to refresh their ABPI schools website was that it was dull, unintuitive and had poor mobile capabilities for students looking to use the site. Thus, ABPI wanted to create an interactive and accessible website, in order to improve the digital experience.

The Solution 

Our team wanted to make sure that the resources and content were accessible and beneficial to every user. Our accessibility team went above and beyond to ensure that impairments would not be an issue when navigating through the pages, using resources, or during self-tests. We integrated the 3rd party tool ‘Recite Me’ into every page, which provides functions that improve accessibility such as screen reading, colour contrast settings, magnification capabilities and automatic language translation. 


Why is Web Accessibility important for the private sector?

If you own a business that has a website, web accessibility is already part of your business – and yours may be letting you down. You may be unknowingly excluding people with disabilities and missing out on potential revenue.

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