Why Personalisation Matters (and how Sitecore can help!)

Over the years, personalisation has become increasingly popular among marketers, and those who don’t jump on-board now will be left behind. Back in the day, having a good product and a decent website would see you through, but now, as digital capabilities progress, those who take advantage of what the digital world can offer are more successful. 


So, what is personalisation?

Personalisation is creating a better, more relevant online experience for customers based on the content they have shown interest in, while also presenting them with content they may be interested in in the future. Like when Netflix suggests TV shows for you based on what you’ve already watched. That’s personalisation. And it works! I can’t count the number of TV shows I’ve watched just because Netflix recommended them for me. Or the ridiculous number of shoes I’ve bought just because I was sent an email suggesting them to me. 

This is the power of personalisation. Thanks to the internet, businesses can now collect data on their customers and use it to provide a more relevant experience for them. These personalised user experiences lead to customers having a better relationship with the brand and therefore conversions are usually increased. 

The Stats

Recent research undertaken by Pure360 found that 93% of companies experienced an increase in conversion rates after embracing personalisation. 

It also found that 53% of customers would give away personal information in exchange for personalised website experiences. This highlights how highly people value a relevant digital experience in a world of increasing privacy. 

The same study also concluded that 49% of customers say they have purchased a product that they did not initially intend to buy after receiving a personalised recommendation from a brand. 

Judging by these stats, it’s clear that personalisation can have a huge positive impact on business outcomes. If you’d like to learn more about the possibilities of web personalisation, speak to Nina, our head of Web, at hello@clerkswell.com

All statistics taken from the Pure365 webinar: https://www.pure360.com/webinar/beyond-the-basics-why-customers-are-demanding-next-level-personalisation/

Personalisation with Sitecore

Now Sitecore. You’ve probably guessed that we love Sitecore. And there’s many reasons for that, but one of them is its ability to personalise the digital experience for each user. With Sitecore, delivering tailored, personalised experiences is not as hard as you’d imagine. 


So how does it work?

The Sitecore Experience Platform enables you to create individualised experiences for your customers by giving you a 360′ view of their interactions with your brand. But how?

  1. It gives you information on how a customer arrived at your site. What prompted the visit?

  2. It gives you data based on their digital fingerprints. Where are they accessing your site from? What time is it there?

  3. It gives you data based on how they interact with your site. What content were they interested in? What did they search for? 

  4. It gives you data from other sources. Do you have them on your CRM?

You can gauge a lot about your customers based on their digital interaction with your site and Sitecore allows you to take advantage of this information to provide better experiences and boost business. 

ClerksWell and Sitecore Personalisation

So we’re pretty big on Sitecore, but we’re especially big on Sitecore Personalisation. Our Head of Digital was actually awarded the title MVP by Sitecore for her contributions to the world of Sitecore personalised digital experiences. So if you’d like to learn more about website personalisation and what it can do for your business, look no further. ClerksWell has got you covered. Speak to a member of the team today!

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