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The X Factor: User, Employee and Customer Experience explained

The X Factor: User, Employee and Customer Experience explained

To be successful and stay relevant, organisations have always had to understand how to satisfy external customer needs, build loyalty, and keep their workforces motivated. Now that both customers and employees have moved online, these processes have in turn become digital. Therefore, organisations must develop an internal and external digital strategy that appreciates the value of User, Employee and Customer experience. As part of a new Digital Transformation series, we are exploring how brands capitalize on their principles to build success. Here’s a broad overview to cover the basics first.

UX - User Experience  

User Experience, as most of us already know, is a design concept which focuses on developing a deep understanding of not only who your target users are, but what they need and value to heighten their engagement. A UX designer will therefore aim to maximise the quality of the users’ interaction with services and products, which more often than not exist in the digital realm. On a website for instance, the application of good UX principles will ensure that those visiting your site will have an enjoyable experience, obtain all the necessary information they required and leave with a good impression of the digital site and of the brand itself.

 Other key concepts such as accessibility and usability cover specific elements of UX design principles which contribute to the overall quality of a digital interface. Check out our Webinar, hosted by Salvo Profita to find out more.  

EX - Employee Experience  

Employee experience is a term we are starting to hear more and more as companies are quickly beginning to realise the importance of recognizing not just the needs of their external customers, but of their workers too. Employee experience covers any touchpoint which an employee interacts with, both digital and physical. At ClerksWell, we focus on the digital touchpoints, designing modern workplaces which increase worker productivity, provide necessary support, and streamline complex processes through workflows and automations.

Since the pandemic, a good EX strategy has been instrumental for successful hybrid working, particularly as people lacked physical touchpoints and communication opportunities that came from working in the office. Moving forward, EX will be considered as important as UX for large organisations as they juggle the complexities that come with the New World of Working.

CX - Customer Experience  

Customer experience is a much broader term and covers any touch point of your organisation that your customers come in to contact with, be people, products or services. The success of your business will be determined by your ability to keep customers happy meaning customers have the power, not the sellers.

One thing in common  

The commonality of all these various terms is that humans are at the centre of digital experience, recognising their inherent differences and motivations means organisations will continue to succeed. In the next blog we will do a deep dive into the User Experience, how to measure its success and regularly optimise it.

Here at ClerksWell we value our own employees as well as the employees of our clients. Check out our own Microsoft Modern Workplace success stories on our website and send us an email on for all enquiries.   

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