The Importance of Personalisation for Your Website

The Importance of Personalisation for Your Website

What is Sitecore 

Simply put, Sitecore is a content management system (CMS); a software used for the creation and maintenance of digital content. Sitecore offers this system, alongside further features designed to create a digital experience, specifically to amplify the value of your business. Sitecore uses AI technology to segment your target audience and implements each individual consumer’s dataset into the marketing strategy.

Since COVID-19, many businesses have had to fast-track their digital presence and strategy. In this online climate, a high functioning CMS is critical to the success of your business. Sitecore’s cross-platform system allows for total control of your digital content. This control often leads to happier customers, due to their comprehensive tools that allow the business owner a full omnichannel delivery, 360-degree holistic customer view, and personalisation. All these features, combined with the intuitive nature of Sitecore, lead to your customers feeling seen, cared for, and understood.

Personalisation Features

These clever tools and features present themselves in an experience platform (XP), which only heightens content personalisation for your consumers. Sitecore uses their experience database (xDB), and their experience profile (XP), to collect and collate experience data from your customer’s digital journey through your website.

From these systems, you are left with a complete user profile, summated into a personalised consumer dashboard that uses A/B and multivariate testing methods to generate targeted and relevant consumer information and content. This auto-personalisation system uses AI to form a marketing automation system, engaging with your customers one-to-one and building that all-important customer relationship.

A great example of these features in action is in our Smart Energy case study. Here, we used Sitecore’s AI location system to register the IP address of each user’s laptop. This data was used to present one of two different homepages, each specifically relevant for the individual area.


What does all this mean, and why is it important?

Now let's leave the technical jargon behind, and focus in on what exactly these features provide for your customers. 

  • At the most basic level, your customers will receive a fully integrated and consistent brand, over multiple platforms, sites, and even countries.  
  • A consistent brand is the key to brand equity, which many consider the key to loyal customers, long-term customers, and overall brand growth.  
  •  Your customers receive relationship care, through data point collections leading to real-time recommendations, geo-specific recommendations, and personalised tailored content. 
  • A cared-for customer is a happy customer, and therefore a cared-for customer is a valuable customer. We all know that. Sitecore personalisation makes caring for your customers a breeze by sending targeted information dependent on their life time value and consumer stage. Whether it’s individual offers, personalised ads, or just a happy birthday message, Sitecore personalisation has you and your relationships covered.  

It’s got to the stage where consumers will expect a certain level of personalisation within their digital experiences. Content management systems such as Sitecore are outstanding in their ability to help you achieve this. We have mapped out what we consider to be the ideal implementations of Sitecore personalisation features, within the consumer digital journey.  

So, to summarise, when your company is tackling customer personalisation, make sure you check out a CMS such as Sitecore, and consult with an expert to get the out of your chosen CMS for your customers.

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