Sitecore DXP: Personalisation for Health websites

When we hear the term ‘personalisation’, we often associate it with the hyper-targeted Facebook ads which seem to know where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing. But personalisation can be used for far more honourable use cases, especially in the Healthcare field. Specifically, content personalisation can help to forefront key information, improving the online experience of Carers and Patients whilst they navigate through a stressful and traumatic time. In this blog we explore how Sitecore can optimise Health websites to offer a far better service for those who need it most.

Personalisation for Healthcare

Personalisation in the Healthcare field is transforming the digital experience of patients, in a sector which has often lagged behind other consumer facing fields. Whilst private health has had the resources to optimise its digital offering for many years, it has been slow, potentially because it has matched the service offered by public health.

At the Sitecore Symposium 2021, Stephanie Pierce and Teri Sun shared how Arkansas Children’s Hospital have developed personalisation strategies to support families as they understand, navigate, and coordinate care, ultimately leading to greater engagement and business growth.

Patient journey

One of the most exciting features they touched on was the incorporation of Patient Journey analysis as a way to personalise content. Based on how the patient navigates through the information on the website, the content they would see would differ depending on the stage of care they are going through. For example, if they were focusing primarily on diagnosis rather than treatment pages, the website content would be based around the initial stages of navigating through care. This ensures that patients and carers can access key information quickly and do not get saddened or overwhelmed by information they are not ready to process yet.

Support and connections

Another compelling feature was the ability to track user’s patterns. Using personalisation data gathering tools, a user’s journey can be tracked and understood better. When users navigated through the website, this process allowed the Children’s Hospital to create Personas. These personas meant that individuals were able to be grouped together, with other users who were going through similar experiences. This ensures that patients and workers alike can access support and gain comfort in knowing that they were not alone in their process.

Sitecore personalisation

Sitecore, as a ‘Composable DXP’ allows organisations to construct their website from multiple independent and ‘best of breed’ add-ons which each perform specific functions. One of the core functions is the powerful personalisation took-kit which is proven to increase engagement, improve satisfaction, and drive KPI’s by serving more relevant content to individual users. So, what makes Sitecore’s personalisation tools stand out:

  1. Totally scalable

The personalisation tools are totally scalable which means organisations can start on a small scale, deploying it where it can have the most impact first before implementing it across all channels. This allows organisations to test its value before personalising more features.

  1. Speedy

With Sitecore, there is no need for months of development since personalisation comes out of the box with the Sitecore Experience platform. This also saves money since there is no need to pay for extra developers.

  1. Insight wizard

From holistic reporting to actionable recommendations, the insights provided within the platform allow organisation to make constant improvements to their personalisation strategy.


Final thoughts

Personalisation on websites has always been motivated by sales, allowing consumers to find shoes or bags which are similar to those that they looked at the week before. On health websites, whilst business growth is a motivation, personalisation is far more critical to ensure patients can access the key information and the support which allows them to better understand their journey, through what can be a difficult time in their lives. The digital transformation of the healthcare field is recognising that patients are just as important, if not more important than ‘customers’.

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