Our 4 top tips for working from home using Microsoft Teams

In these uncertain times, working from home has become common practice. As a Microsoft Partner, we are here to help you stay connected using Microsoft Teams with your work colleagues wherever they are.

How to have a great conversation:

  • In your channels, make sure to @ mention individuals to get their attention, so they know your comment its specially for them. When you start typing their name, the rest of it will pop up automatically, handy right!

  • Don’t mix up the Start a conversation box with the Reply button, this will not only be confusing for you and the rest of your team but also logistically hard to deal with.

  • Did you know you can send an email to teams? Click the ellipsis to the right of any channel and then click 'get email address' and paste this address into any email. This uploads a copy of the email file to the files tab as well as any attachments, helping you keep all your files and conversations in one place.

  • Use subject lines when starting new conversations. You would never send an email without a subject, so why should you in Teams? This makes your message bolder, larger, easier to read as well as easier find what you’re looking for.

Add a subject to your conversations

Make the most of Teams meetings:

  • Use chat to help share resources and information during meetings without creating a distraction. This way you can see what people are chatting about in the meeting rather than having to interrupt.

  • When scheduling a meeting, you can include your entire team in two clicks by choosing to have that meeting within the channel. To start a channel meeting simply click the meet now button (video camera) at the bottom of your channel.

Have a meeting within a channel

Remember to use your video:

  • During these strange times use video to increase team morale and amp up collaboration in meetings (but if you’ve got limited bandwidth, turn off video to maintain high-quality audio).

  • Use background blur if you don’t want your background to be a distraction.

  • Take blurring your background a step further by selecting a custom background, such as a company logo or an office environment when working from home.

  • Be inclusive by asking everyone for their input. If someone’s audio is too low, or if their device is causing problems, deal with it at the start of the meeting so that person won’t be excluded.

  • Don’t forget to keep track of your mute button. Stay on mute if you’re not speaking or don’t have anything to add, to cancel out all those work from home distractions.

The ClerksWell team making the most of video

Personalise your virtual workspace

  • Pin your favourite 1:1 or group chats so they always appear on the upper left, by clicking on the ellipsis on left next to your chat.

  • Drag and drop your teams so they are in priority order, and hide the teams you don’t often work in.

  • On Teams, you can manage notifications in your Profile Settings, so you only get the ones you want. You can turn off notifications to certain channels, ignore some channels completely or turn off notifications for a certain conversation. You can also create quiet hours (all Teams notifications on your mobile device outside of work ours 9-5 are turned off) to maintain a strong work-life balance.

  • Install Teams on your mobile device (ios/android) so you can join meetings and collaborate whilst on the go.

Manage your notifications

Whether you have been working from home for a long time, are on extended leave or are temporarily working from home as a result of COVID-19, Microsoft partners ClerksWell and Teams is here to help you stay productive from wherever you are.

Here at ClerksWell, we have been using Teams since it was first introduced in 2017, so well before the COVID-19 outbreak. Let us help you successfully implement Teams to your remote workforce.


Our services include:

  • Best practise set up and configuration

  • Demos & training of features and functionality

  • Adoption and engagement strategy

  • Analytics and reporting to optimise Teams productivity

  • Governance to prevent the ‘Teams sprawl’


If you want to find out more about Teams and remote working, check out our previous blog on 'Remote Working during the COVID-19 Outbreak' or 'How to tackle the challenges of Working From Home.'

Or if you’re interested in how we can help you, please get in touch with our Account Director Danielle via our contact us form here

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