A junior developers journey: Puneets guide

Hello, my name is Puneet, and I am currently on my placement year at ClerksWell where I am working as a junior web developer. I am studying Cyber Security at De Montfort University, a course which I find super interesting as it is essential to all parts of web development and being a developer.

Some people don’t know what they want to do even when they are twice my age but I was really lucky in the sense that I knew I wanted to be a developer since I took my first cyber security class in college. I realised that cyber security and web development had a massive place in the current market due to the digital age we are increasingly living in and that I would use these skills to make sure that websites are protected by doing things such as stress testing the security of sites.

When I started university, my enthusiasm grew as I started to understand the fundamentals behind web development and put it into practice. I am now in my third year and for the last 6 months, I have been on placement here at ClerksWell learning the ropes from their experts.

My first project was to develop my own Umbraco site that I would make into a personal blog and into a guide for other developers setting up their own Umbraco site for the first time. As a first-timer, it took longer than usual to code the site as I wanted to learn the process from scratch and make mistakes that I could learn from so that when I work on a client’s sites alongside ClerksWell’s skilled developers I too will know what I’m doing. Now my site is up and running smoothly, with no crashes to date so if you’re interested in having a read search Puneet's guide.

There are many benefits of building on Umbraco one of them being the fact that it is free! Umbraco is an open-source content management system (CMS) so there are no license fees and anyone is free to use and create their own websites on the platform. You can build a

a range of sites on Umbraco from a small blog like my own to massive global membership sites like ClerksWell built for Baker Tilly.

Furthermore, another key benefit for me is the ease and control you have when editing your Umbraco site as compared to the likes of WordPress and Squarespace, as Umbraco is a more powerful platform that doesn’t limit you to templates and allows a custom edit and design whilst also making it easier to navigate your content.

So far my time at ClerksWell has been enjoyable, to say the least, I’ve found it to be a nurturing environment as I have learnt a lot since being here and know-how and where to improve my skills in the future. I’ve not only been involved in web development but have furthered my testing skills on projects whereby I’ve made client websites safer and more secure. All in all, I find it very satisfying being a developer as you can see the results of your work so clearly on clients websites. To finish, I’m excited for the latter half of my placement and what the future holds!

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