8 reasons why you need to update to Sitecore v 9.2 now!

Sitecore is a powerful content management system (CMS). But it’s so much more than that. It’s a marketing professionals' best friend. Sitecore websites deliver a fully personalised experience from the first click, giving your visitors the best digital experience on your site.

Sitecore gathers information from different channels and unites this using the digital management system (DMS). Data from customers’ emails and social media are collected by Sitecore to add to the personalisation experience which helps to convert them into life-long customers. A website built on Sitecore looks elegant, sophisticated and operates superbly. 

Recently, Sitecore released a new update – yay. This brand-new update will improve the experience of developers, marketers and users. The latest Sitecore update is based on feedback from 50 customer requests and includes 80 fixed issues, making the experience on Sitecore seamless.

Keep reading to find out how Sitecore v 9.2 can help to: improve data security, create more accurate user statistics and help you save money and time.

Sitecore v9.2 for marketers

Sitecore Installation Assistance (SIA) is a Sitecore installation wizard which you get with the latest update. The Wizard helps people who have little technical knowledge to easily set up. It explains how to do things simply without the need to always pester your developer with installation questions.

Marketing automation this is an easy to use interface which helps to easily create marketing scenarios. For example, when someone fills out a form on the website with information like their name and email address, they then get a personalised email straight away.

Better robot detection stops the unwanted interactions from automatic browsers and robots. Robots skew data about the site but with better protection more accurate data can be collected.

Improved experience commerce this means that you can have a blend of content and commerce to make the experience as personalised as it can for your shopping customers before and after their transaction.

Sitecore Content Hub™ collects all your multi-channel data and puts it into an integrated single stream. Your multi-stream data is then managed by the digital assets management (DAM) which means that all your digital assets (photos, layouts and videos) are in one place. It allows marketers to understand the website's performance to guide further creation over time based on interactions and interests from customers.

Sitecore v9.2 for developers

Sitecore SXA and JSS inclusion you can now build with no worries.  JavaScript Servies (JSS) is now compatible with SXA (Sitecore experience accelerator – speed up production of websites and rescue components). JSS is a complete software development kit (SDK) which allows for the creation of the CMS. SXA is useful for content editors because it means it’s easier to create standard page layouts which can be applied to the entire site.

Data purging API allows you to set up archiving strategies to keep your costs under control and the ability to make changes to your data if there are changes to privacy regulations. It allows for total control of every piece of data which in turn protects the customers data with API. Having an arching strategy means you can manage the data that you keep or delete, with more ease and less expense. Having a strategy for deleting data means that when privacy regulations are updated, you can change your data. 

Rainbow serialization Sitecore has now switched their default serialization to rainbow which is a YAML-based format. Serialization is when you keep record of all of your items on Sitecore like custom experience buttons and templates and store them as artifacts. Before rainbow, serialization was a complex and tedious process but now it’s easier for developers to manage.

Developers can help marketers to understand their customers as well as they can, utilizing Sitecore to its full potential.

At ClerksWell, we are Sitecore Gold partners which is awarded when a company can deliver Sitecore to all of its excellence. We have 2 in-house Sitecore MVP’s which can help you unlock the best of what Sitecore has to offer. We think that you should update your Sitecore site to keep ahead of the game. Get in contact with us if you want to update your Sitecore website or if you want to find out more about what we have to offer.

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