All the latest goings-on at Clerkswell

Sitecore 9 is ready to magnify your marketing

 “Version 9 is not only a big launch, it is a turning point of Sitecore.” We spoke to our own Sitecore MVP Nina Anderson about the new release and what it means for ClerksWell clients. So Nina, I know the ClerksWell development team have been excited to get their...

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Are you – and your website – ready for an SEO campaign?

At Clerkswell, we tackle all our client projects with a resolve to determine the right solutions to solve their problems. We work to establish the best web technology fit – whether it be Umbraco or Sitecore – and then strive to ensure that all the pieces of your...

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GDPR and my website- How long can you ignore it?

Is your LinkedIn feed filled with free briefings on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Do you have a nagging feeling you are meant to understand it and what it means for your business and website? Although a change in European regulations sounds rather...

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Our Sitecore SUGCON diary

Although favourites were quite hard to pick, here is a short summary of some of our favourite talks from Sitecore’s SUGCON Europe 2017

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Sitecore and contextual commerce

As a Sitecore Gold Partner, we use their impressive commerce tools to help our clients manage the whole customer experience—before, during, and after they make a purchase.

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