Designing their group intranet.

VW wanted a new group intranet design to cover all of their brands. VW, Audi, Skoda and SEAT. They approached us to carry out a redesign of their group intranet. The primary purpose in doing so was to vastly improve the look and feel whilst keeping the interchangeable web-part capability of SharePoint.


Volkswagen engaged us to carry out a new design for their SharePoint intranet based on our experience in designing user friendly intranets on SharePoint. A number of designs and creative concepts were shown to stakeholders and one stood out that would work across all the car brands. To give the internet an extra point of difference, we also designed a new intranet logo. This helped to give the intranet a new personality of its own.


VW used their internal development team to develop the chosen design concept and roll out the intranet to the group.

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