Tesco - Innovation Site


The challenge was how to turn specific areas of the SharePoint intranet into a brainstorming area for innovative business ideas from Tesco head office employees around the globe. Tesco approached us with a brief to create a design for a site that reflected Tesco’s brand values and all the best principles of Enterprise 2.0.


The Innovations site we created for Tesco looks more like a social networking site than an internal corporate communications site. We used a visually creative, pencil sketch approach that allowed employees to feel more comfortable expressing themselves and interacting with colleagues and superiors. Current Tesco branding was not followed in order to make the point that the company is always looking forward.


Tesco wanted their staff to feel they have a voice, that their ideas will be heard and that they can raise their profile by submitting great ideas for improving the business. ClerksWell were able to deliver intranet designs to help achieve these objectives because of our experience in intranet and general online design.

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