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Natural World Safaris advise and guide their clients, taking them deep into extraordinary landscapes to experience wonders of the natural world. A team of knowledgeable experts, priding themselves on tailoring the finest holidays, taking the essential concepts of safari and translating them into all itineraries they design.


Business strategy change required a focus on a broader set of ‘experiences’ and ‘styles’ to allow expansion from the original 4 product groups.

Four separate websites exist to manage the four brand sites, these needed to be consolidated with a simple to use editor and consistent analytics. This should also support distributed authoring with central content for publishing.

The web is by far the biggest source of leads for the business, so no damage could be done to existing search rankings or damage client expectations.

The business is growing internationally so needed to support multi-geographies and languages.

A new brand and website design needed to create a deeper online engagement and provide greater support to the phone based experts when choosing the perfect holiday for clients.

This complete change in infrastructure and content needed to be done on a fixed budget within tight timescales.


The Sitecore solution was chosen for its strength in content management and integrated Digital Marketing System -DMS. ClerksWell were selected as the right partner, due to their design, engagement and technical experience and their long term partnership approach.

Strategy and roadmaps were created through Sitecore’s Business Optimisation Service – SBOS. This provided a framework for defining business objectives and translating those into meaningful strategies with an implementation timetable.

The solution architecture was based around three key principles: creating a great user experience, website personalisation and future proofing the site to meet product expansion plans.

Sitecore’s versatility in managing content provided the distributed content authoring required, with the central control to review and publish content when required.

The entire Sitecore DMS was employed to optimise the experience, target content and manage transactions. The system was to start small, measure effectiveness and build the capabilities as required.


ClerksWell delivered a revolution in terms of look and feel from the previous sites, unifying the content under one structure with content profiling to provide personalised and optimised experiences.

Scalable solution to meet the demands from the business growth through international expansion, mobile services, new exciting destinations, user generated content, social network integration and supporting the plans for online and offline marketing campaigns.

Significant increase in user traffic, predominantly generated through improved natural search results. Reduction in dwell time and increase in page visits per session showing greater engagement levels.

Engagement Automation plans follow-up enquiries and support the sales process by sending timely and relevant communications and targeting content.

The project has really now just begun, with a vibrant new brand and flexible templates built on Sitecore’s world leading Customer Engagement Platform – CEP. ClerksWell’s deployment of Sitecore provides the marketing tools to support new campaigns, personalise content and measure effectiveness.

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