Case study

Journey Latin America

Journey Latin America are the UK's leading specialist in travel to Latin America, with nearly 40 years of experience !

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The Challenge 

The vision was to deliver a visually stunning and editorially sharp website to do justice to the luxurious holiday's Journey Latin America (JLA) offers to some of the most beautiful places in Latin America. Ideas, itineraries and inspiring pictures covering 24 countries required thousands of pages of content to go on the site. Some of the challenges included presenting a fresh look and a great UX for extremely complex products and engaging with all customers at a personal level, as opposed to selling packaged deals. A key requirement for the marketing team was to make editing the site easy as opposed to the time consuming, expensive activity that it was. The biggest business challenge was to increase online conversions.

The Solution 

The solution selected was Sitecore 7, which was perfect for such a content heavy site as it is able to handle and search millions of content items while sustaining high performance, via its ‘item bucket’ structure.


The Outcome 

The new site successfully presents a clean UX and compels users to keep browsing and discovering information that is relevant to their holiday and areas of interest. The biggest change at JLA since the launch has been that there is no requirement for a web manager anymore! Everyone is now able to make changes on the website when required, without having to wait in a developer’s queue and paying for every update. Staff are now able to upload images, make changes to prices, add hotel bookings and add new pages when required. Since the new Sitecore solution allows staff to change content at will, users are constantly provided with fresh content, up to date prices and new helpful features that aide with their holiday planning and booking. The new ‘personalised content’ feature allows JLA to make their visitors’ web experience less impersonal and more warm and friendly. The website not only has a simple, friendly and easy to use interface but also suggests options based on personal browsing behaviour. It does not promote a one size fits all strategy and makes each visitor feel welcome. One of the best features of the site is the ability to personalise content which increases interaction and interest in the site. Also having an eCommerce enabled site means losing fewer customers and staff being freed up to help more customers. Apart from the spectacular imagery and UX, the website’s most innovative feature is its user-friendly and instant online quote tool. Customers select their chosen date of travel and book the trip online in three simple steps.