CIPD are using EasyShare for their SharePoint intranet

How we worked with the CIPD to create a new intranet

CIPD – The Chartered Institute of Personal and Development. Through their expertise and research they provide a valuable point of view on the changing world of work.

Previously the CIPD had a custom designed SharePoint 2007 implementation to use within the business which had been developed to provide company information and links other business applications. However, the CIPD wanted to enhance their employee communications and improve the ease of use. They were keen to enhance communication features, such as calendars and polls and they wanted a solution that their teams would be able to use to find people and skills. The design of their SharePoint intranet was important to the CIPD in order to encourage employee take up and use of the intranet.


CIPD decided to adopt EasyShare 2013 because it has been developed with flexibility, scalability and business productivity in mind – a great fit for CIPD business. An information architecture project was carried out to establish a top level navigation and subsequent lower level pages structures. This was done in order for CIPD to take advantage of the site wide content managed mega menu available.

CIPD were also keen to adopt an intranet solution that could rapidly scale up to match their content growth expectations, and encourage collaboration using discussions and team sites. EasyShare has been built to suit this demand with the ability to set up new sites quickly and easily. With the easy editing that EasyShare offers, the communications and IT teams felt comfortable editing and publishing content regularly to the new intranet. The IT team were also pleased that it was possible to deploy the code in a very short space of time; delivering the new intranet to the business with minimal fuss.

As the CIPD were able to assess the solution before investing in EasyShare, they eliminated the risk inherent in many SharePoint intranet projects. In the end, the project was delivered quickly at a low cost to the business and was live within weeks.


The CIPD was able to improve the user experience and communication features offered to their employees without developing a new SharePoint solution. They liked the off-the-shelf nature of EasyShare, which meant that they did not need to go through length development projects. They were able to pick and choose which features to roll out knowing they could add new ones later with no development time.

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