Catlin - Availability System

Catlin is a successful insurance and reinsurance underwriter.

In a competitive industry driven by the highest standards of professionalism and customer service, Catlin excel. This made the customer service challenge presented to ClerksWell particularly interesting.


Catlin primarily does business with insurance brokers, who negotiate with insurers on behalf of their clients. Insurance brokers frequently require face-to-face meetings with Catlin’s underwriters and claims staff, either in Catlin’s offices or at Catlin’s underwriting box at Lloyd’s of London. However Catlin’s staff are very busy, with dynamic and frequently changing professional diaries. Often an underwriter themself won’t know their exact schedule more than a few hours in advance. So how could Catlin meet the service challenge of keeping their brokers informed of which staff were available for meetings at what time and at what location?


The solution consisted of essentially three elements:

  • Automated data collection and aggregation
  • Simple, engaging services optimised for the web, kiosks, iPad and mobile.
  • Un-intrusive promotion of the website

ClerksWell built an integration service that continually queried the source data systems then used web services and a set of business rules to write calendar information to a website at an external hosting company.

As well as displaying photos of staff and their key details, the website included line of business filters, a predictive search, messaging, a calendar view and the ability to look for availability up to a week in advance. Web, mobile and kiosk versions of the website were created.




Additionally, a simple email reminder system was created, so brokers regularly receive personalised emails advising them of that day’s availability for the lines of business they cover.


The benefits of the solution are:

  • Improved accuracy and usefulness of customer information
  • Improved availability of customer information (available immediately and anywhere)
  • Efficiency savings for Catlin staff by removing duplicated data entry and the use of full automation

The Catlin availability site can be viewed here and has been very well received by both Catlin staff and Brokers alike.

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