An Umbraco website for the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

“Working with ClerksWell, the ABPI was able to develop a robust and flexible brand system for use now and in the future.”

The ABPI chose ClerksWell to build a scalable and stable Umbraco cloud supported CMS which would be capable of supporting their long-term goal of bringing nine websites onto a single streamlined digital estate. In short Umbraco technology and ClerksWell experience would bring digital transformation to the ABPI.


  • Branding and strategy
  • Information architecture
  • User experience
  • Design
  • Umbraco SaaS managed service
  • Umbraco technology build
  • Launch strategy
  • Post go-live support




The old ABPI corporate website had a number of issues including complex and unreliable publishing, a poor user experience and inconsistent site stability. The old site was based on the SharePoint platform, which Microsoft no longer recommends for external facing websites. Overall there was a potential risk to the reputation of the business by remaining on the unwieldy SharePoint platform.



ClerksWell completed the project in 4 months from a full discovery phase where we worked with ABPI to structure the Information Architecture and improve the User experience of their content through to designing a more engaging website which was image heavy and clearly signposted.

The ABPI followed our recommendation as Certified Umbraco experts and employed this best of breed open source platform. When we entered the build phase of the project we opted to build on Umbraco SaaS and we provide a fully managed hosting service for this. The solution had a strong requirement for growth the flexibility, to spin up a mini-sites at short notice as well as having a user-friendly content management experience so Umbraco’s SaaS was the perfect option.



Although the organisation had documented brand guidelines, our work with the ABPI identified that the brand had deteriorated over time with inconsistencies in language, tone, design standards and brand application. ABPI recognised that their the brand purpose, vision and communication requirements had evolved beyond the outdated guidelines set down in 2011. The volume and regularity of published media is now very large.



The ABPI is at the forefront of the changes being brought about by Brexit. In order to remain agile in fast moving times, the organisation needed a digital strategy that could be enacted quickly and meet their needs now and in the future. With a straightforward Umbraco CMS, the ABPI can respond and publish quickly and effectively, fulfilling its role as the voice of the pharmaceutical industry in the UK.

Take a look at ABPI’s Umbraco website here!