Last week ClerksWell hosted an event at Sitecore for the travel and tourism industry. We wanted to show the heads of marketing that came how they could gain a single view of their customer in a multi-channel world.

ClerksWell’s Digital Marketing Consultant Nina Anderson hosted the event. The kick off was an overview of one of the latest trends effecting all businesses- Website Personalisation. We looked into the future with wearable tech and the opportunities it brings for businesses and customers alike.

Nina then took the attendees through work she is doing for ClerksWell clients in the travel industry- achieving business benefits through small changes to clients’ digital offering. First up was Journey Latin America, who have a responsive website which offers personalised content based on the behaviour of their visitors thanks to the Sitecore web content management system . Nina showed that by researching who your customers are and what it is they want you can improve and target your offering.

Then came First Great Western whose case study illustrated how to start website personalisation quickly. Making small logical changes to make the customer’s journey quicker. Things like personalising the booking fields based on past behaviour or the journey specific campaign the visitor has reached the site through.

Seun Fabunmi from First Great Western then took to the stand to go through their vision for the future in continuing to personalise their customer’s experience. Explaining why it was so central to their digital strategy and key to engaging and rewarding their customers.

Personalisation offers huge potential in terms of developing a better understanding of your customers’ behaviour, but also for generating increased loyalty for your brand.

If you would like to find out more about personalisation and what it can do for your business please fill in the contact us form below.

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