Brands undertaking digital transformation are finding it difficult to know where to begin and how to stay on the right track.

Nina Anderson is one of three Digital Strategist MVPs in the UK

Nina Anderson is one of three Digital Strategist MVPs in the UK

Marketers are under pressure like never before from technology advances, big data leaps and greater responsibility. This webinar takes a step back and a deep breath before assessing the trends and guiding you through some manageable changes you can make to deliver that great customer experience.

Take aways:

  • Learn the quick wins which will improve your customer’s experience and enable you to take on the competition:
  • Easy steps to speed up digital transformation
  • Get to know your customer and learn how track your customers’ interaction across channel
  • Translating insights into your customers’ experience into clear business action
  • What skills you and your team need at each stage of digital transformation
  • Establishing what to measure to make sure your customer experience is healthy

The webinar will be hosted by Nina Anderson, Web Practice Lead at ClerksWell and one of three Digital Strategist MVPs in the UK. She creates digital strategy to bring about real business results. Leading the web team at ClerksWell her work has navigated finance, travel and ecommerce businesses through digital transformation.


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