Web Content Management training

ClerksWell give you the training you need

ClerksWell have a flexible approach to training content editors. We have three main approaches but have found that our clients opt to have a combination of all three:

  1. Our Digital Marketing Consultant conducts classroom style training to provide all content editors with an overview of their website and the Sitecore Web Content Management platform.
  2. One-to-one or small group training where content editors create content under the guidance and supervision of the Digital Marketing Consultant.
  3. How-to guides are written specifically for our clients’ website and centre on a particular challenge that the content editors face. For example – A/B testing or persona creation.

All training is specific to our clients’ website and adapts to the requirements and experience of the content editors. ClerksWell typically offer training at the point of content entry in the project as this gives content editors the chance to practice the skills they are learning and remember them better. This also shortens the time spent on content entry, making the launch of your website more efficient.