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We ensure your business is prepared for your new intranet with our unique focus on staff uptake and engagement.

We have a team of Success Managers who can help you with launch planning, recruitment, communications and of course training and documentation.

Examples of the kinds of activities involved in adoption and some general advice from our experiences include: 

  • Intranet champions – each ‘area’ of the intranet (most typically, at the department level) requires a champion who takes responsibility for the quality of the content in that area, ensures it is complete and generally promotes its use. Ideally champions should have face-to-face relationships with content authors as initially people need encouragement to complete their content, fill in their profile and switch from their current ways of working.


  • Support hotline – SharePoint is powerful but (for content authors) can take some getting used to. During the initial content load, there is much to be done and content authors should be able to ring someone for immediate help when they face problems.


  • Documentation –a full set of documentation including a detailed user guide for administrators. This can be supplemented with a range of simple one-page, task based “Quick starts” and “How to” guides that can be less intimidating at first.

  • Competitions – these can help create interest in a new intranet ahead of launch e.g. “Name the new intranet”.

  • Getting the initial content right - the purpose of an intranet is ultimately to make employees working lives better and more productive by supporting knowledge sharing, communication and collaboration. This requires a balance between content that is useful and practical and, in some cases, entertaining. During the initial launch we recommend the balance swayed to “fun and interesting” as this will encourage people to regularly return to the intranet, rather than viewing it simply as a resource they go to when they need something.

  • Surveys and feedback – during planning and development phases, employee feedback and suggestion should always be sought and acted on. Post-launch, surveys should seek constructive feedback and new ideas.

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