Sitecore upgrade?

A lot of people ask us about Sitecore upgrades: whether they should get one, what they should upgrade to and what it means. We always base our advice on the needs of your business.

Here is an overview of Sitecore’s major releases to date and what each one offers.

  • 6.5- 6.6 Website personalisation and page editor both get enhanced
  • 7- 7.2 Introduction of buckets which allows for content scalability and improved search
  • 7.5- The Experience Database is introduced storing and analysing billions of visits
  • 8+ Multichannel, Print Experience Manager, Applied Analytics with reporting, testing, personalisation and data gathering applied to non-Sitecore sites with the Federated Experience Manager

If you’re thinking of upgrading your Umbraco instance we can help too. As part of our Umbraco managed service we can upgrade you to the latest version, make sure there are no conflicts with any of your bespoke functionality and bring you all the latest goodies from the Umbraco roadmap.

If you are thinking of an upgrade and want some advice or a technical partner to perform the upgrade get in touch using the form to the right.