The Sitecore platform has lots to offer and whether you’re new to Sitecore or you’re already using it, the experts at ClerksWell can help your company to utilise the platform to its full capability.

What is Sitecore?

Sitecore is softcore company which offers two products: a beautiful content management system (CMS) and a versatile digital marketing system (DMS). Sitecore launched in 2001 and is currently in its ninth version.

The Sitecore CMS is built on ASP.NET technology and enables digital content editors to control their website. Editors have complete control over blog posts and personalisation and all the rest of the Sitecore technology. The CMS looks very similar to a Windows desktop, and this familiarity makes it easy for new Sitecore users to use the system. Due to this, the Sitecore CMS has become very popular in recent years.

The Sitecore DMS allows companies to optimise the user experience of their website, which can lead to a more successful business. From personalization to analytics and A/B testing, the Sitecore DMS can help companies thrive in the digital world.

ClerksWell and Sitecore?

Distinguished with our MVP awards and Sitecore Gold Partnership, Sitecore view ClerksWell as a trusted agency delivering the full functionality of their platform. Our work is often fed back to enrich the Sitecore product.

We built the first ever Sitecore website which used all of the digital marketing functionality. This was for Natural World Safaris and included marketing automation, A/B testing, fully integrated email campaign management and personalisation.

All the Sitecore websites we’ve implemented have been high quality, fast, robust and engaging. However, Sitecore is more than this. Sitecore is a feature rich and powerful digital marketing tool which can make businesses more efficient, marketers more effective and become central to how your audience interacts with your services and brand. Our experts at ClerksWell can guide your company implementing a new website on the Sitecore platform, and help to transform your business.

Our clients benefit from the stability and power of Sitecore as well as the more advanced marketing related functionality of the platform. This is because we take post-delivery support very seriously and we want to make sure you are getting the most business value out of the platform.

The ClerksWell Sitecore Team

Nina Anderson

Head of Digital

Pedro Fonseca

Sitecore Tech Lead

Mike Rogers


Our Recent Sitecore Projects

Most recently, we have undertaken Sitecore projects for Smart Energy GB and The Pension Regulator. ClerksWell worked closely with both companies to carry out their digital strategies, and their websites have been huge successes. To find out more about our website projects, visit our case studies.

 The Pension Regulator have a brand new website built by ClerksWell on the Sitecore platform.

Smart Energy GB have been our client for years now, and we continue to support them with their Sitecore website. 

Find out more about Sitecore on our blog!