Microsoft are paving the way into the modern world of intranets with their new offering: Modern SharePoint. The ClerksWell team are here to guide you through the complicated world of Modern SharePoint as Microsoft roll out their new platform. If you want to find out more about Modern SharePoint, check out our blog which has all the information you could possibly want!

What’s new with Modern SharePoint?

In the Modern world, Microsoft is focusing on collaboration within the work place with the introduction of Communication and Teams sites. These sites come with ready-made site designs, which allow users to create sites with ease.

These new site options are accompanied by an intuitive user interface and an even more intuitive editing interface.

A Modern Communication Site

But while there are many advances with Modern SharePoint, Microsoft is still yet to bring the functionality of Classic SharePoint. As well as limited webparts, there is an issue of governance in Modern SharePoint and the ability to brand your company site is restricted.

So how can ClerksWell help?

ClerksWell works in partnership with EasyShare. We’ve been working with SharePoint for decade, filling in the gaps where Microsoft is lacking, and we are continuing to do this with Modern SharePoint. We’re developing a new Modern EasyShare product which will enhance the Modern experience where it is failing users.

Modern EasyShare Features



As with Classic EasyShare, our Easy Admin app will allow companies to brand their intranet without having to code.


With EasyShare Modern, companies can deploy a global navigation across their Modern intranet which saves users from the pains of trying to find a lost page.


Noticing that Modern SharePoint is less rich in features than Classic, EasyShare has developed new web parts to enhance the platform where it is lacking.

To discuss the intricacies of Modern SharePoint and arrange a demo, get in touch with a member of our team today!