ClerksWell are the SharePoint consultants who provide EasyShare. EasyShare works with SharePoint on-premises, online with Office 365 or in a hybrid environment. EasyShare has been designed and built to aid communication, collaboration and social interaction within the organisation. It extends SharePoint Out Of The Box without imposing any restrictions. Complicated, lengthy, expensive, IT led intranet projects are redundant.

EasyShare is a set of branded features and templates that extend SharePoint. EasyShare is designed to make using and administrating SharePoint easy, hence the name EasyShare.



100% aligned to Microsoft

Certified by Microsoft own Gold standard, our product is all about getting the best from the latest intelligent communications tools including Communication sites, Hubs, Office 365, Teams, Groups Yammer and much more.

Mature and proven

Our intranet product was prototyped on SharePoint 2007 and first released to market for SharePoint 2010! The current release is conspicuously modern, fully aligned to SharePoint and continues to adapt based on Microsoft’s own roadmap for the Office 365 platform.

Working better, your way

Make your intranet the dashboard for a range of business applications, even those custom-built by your own team. Talk to us about using Power Apps and Flow for better integration.


“It has features that we would never have dreamed of building ourselves that have been really, really valuable for the organisation”

Lynsay Taffe

Director of Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs

“Every company wrestles with how to improve communication to its staff. EasyShare has given us a solution which will take us on that journey and has the capability to be culture-changing for the organisation.”

Mike Newman

Group Chief Information Officer

For more information about our EasyShare product, visit the EasyShare website here!

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more about our product or to arrange a demo.